AllowDuplicatesbool?When true, the same tag can be added multiple times.false
CaseSensitivebool?When true, duplicate tags value check is case sensitive.true
ClearSelectionOnTypingbool?When true, tags will be unselected when new tag is entered.false
CloseDropdownOnItemSelectbool?When true, datalist will close automatically after an item have been selected.true
DelimiterstringMultiple tags can be added at once. Delimiter is used to separate all tags,
FreeInputbool?When true, tags can be entered manually. This option is useful with select Tags inputs. Set to false automatically when using on select element.true
HighlightDuplicatebool?When true, if allowDuplicates option if false then the already existing tag will be temporarly and visually identified as duplicatetrue
HighlightMatchesStringbool?When true, identified matches strings when searching is highlighted.true
MaxTagsint?When set, no more than the given number of tags are allowed to add.null
MaxCharsint?Defines the maximum length of a single tag.null
MinCharsint?Defines the minimum length of a single tag.1
NoResultsLabelstringEmpty dropdown label.No results found
PlaceholderstringTagsInput placeholder text if original input doesn’t have one.
Removablebool?When true, tags are removable either using the associted delete button or backspace and delete keys.true
SearchMinCharsint?searchMinChars Defines the minimum length of input value before loading auto-complete.1
Selectablebool?When true, tags can be selected either by mouse click or using left or right arrow keys.true
SourceIEnumerable<string>source Source of data proposed in dropdown (used for auto-complete).
TagClassstringClassname applied to each tag.is-rounded
Trimbool?When true, automatically removes all whitespace around tags.true